Motor-Industry Project Research Promotion Department

Shimane Prefecture has the largest production base for amorphous metals in Japan. Making full use of this local advantage, we aim for mass production of amorphous motor cores by controlling the material’s difficult-to-process properties, through advancing material evaluation technology accumulated at Shimane University and developing new processing technology. We will also focus on developing specialized human resources and technology transfer to companies in the prefecture to pursue the goal.

Furthermore, we aim to become a production base for next-generation motors by creating venture companies and attracting motor manufacturers.

Although amorphous alloy is a kind of metal, it is not crystallized and shows various unique material properties. In particular, its excellent soft magnetism will serve to make motors with higher efficiency, higher rotation, smaller size, and higher output.

To become a production base for amorphous motors

  • Development of technologies to process amorphous metal ribbons
  • Establishment of mass production technologies

Current Status of the Motor Industry and Efforts of Tatara Co-Creation Center

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