Aircraft-Industry Project Research Promotion Department

Although orders for materials for aircraft engine components produced by companies in Shimane Prefecture are on the rise year by year, the most important components, large forging parts, are not being produced in Japan.

In this project, we will firstly establish manufacturing technology for the large forging parts using heat-resistant superalloys by building a joint research system through industry-academia collaboration centered at Shimane University with the support of universities in Japan and overseas.

Heat-resistant superalloys are of excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and high-temperature strength. As globalization advances, the market for jet engine components is expected to grow, and the emergence of superior materials is awaited.

By advancing the development and improvement of new materials, we aim to win orders in the energy field such as gas turbines and ultimately realize domestic production, including the production of large forged parts for aircraft engines, and contribute to the development of aircraft industry in Japan.

Furthermore, in order to increase orders and productivity in the aircraft field, we endeavor to establish an integrated production system in which the companies in Shimane Prefecture work together. Shimane University, Matsue College and the Prefectural Government will assist the local companies in acquiring techniques required to expand the processing area and secure the special function such as heat treatment, non-destructive inspection, etc., making use of the unique characteristics and strengths of each company.

Our final goal is to develop a joint processing facility to serve as a base for aircraft clusters, promote cooperation among related companies, and improve the productivity and quality of the business.

Made in Shimane: We provide aircraft engine parts that can compete against the best in the world.

  • Development of new materials for jet engines・・・Reduction of the effect on the environment
  • Development of manufacturing technologies for large parts・・・Improvement of performance

Current Status of the Aircraft-engine Industry and Next-generation Tatara Co-Creation Center's Efforts

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