Human Resource Development Project Promotion Department

At Shimane University, we aim to cultivate innovative human resources who will lead the future material field while maintaining the manufacturing tradition handed down in the region through the ancient Tatara, Japanese steelmaking. In the course of education, students can acquire knowledge and technology on the evaluation and processing of metal materials that Shimane University has developed with Matsue College and the local companies, studying state-of-the-art metal materials engineering in collaboration with domestic and overseas universities.

In order to achieve the goal, we will establish new courses specializing in metal engineering and offer internship and PBL programs, etc. so that the students can develop immediate skills that companies in the region seek in formulating business strategies and solving regional issues.

Furthermore, we will offer engineering courses in English by faculty members of collaborating universities outside Japan, and encourage students to study abroad, enrolling in programs such as the ‘Tobitate! (Leap for Tomorrow) Young Ambassador Program’, a Japanese public-private partnership, etc., for the purpose of improving responsiveness as global human resources.

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