From Shimane to the world

In October 2018, the big project called "Creation of a Global Base for Advanced Metals -Next Generation TATARA Project-" was launched to promote regional industrial creation through industry-government-academia collaboration in Shimane Prefecture. NEXTA, the Next Generation Tatara Co-Creation Centre was established at Shimane University to play a key role in research and human resource development for the project. We strive to become the global leader in metal materials with our partner companies in Shimane, working closely with domestic and overseas research institutes.

"Creation of a Global Base for Advanced Metals"

The ancient Tatara, the Japanese steel manufacturing is a method for making steel from iron sand and charcoal, which has been uniquely developed in Japan. The Tatara steel manufacturing has been preserved over 1,000 years, producing the fine steel called ‘Tamahagane’ that is used as a raw material for Japanese swords. This traditional method was adopted and performed strongly in Shimane Prefecture, which led the Yasugi area to evolve into an industrial district to manufacture metal materials. With the ultimate goal of creating a “Next Generation Tatara Culture” in this region where rich history and modern life coexist, NEXTA enhances research and development of new metal materials such as “heat-resistant superalloys for aircraft parts” and “amorphous alloys for motors” in collaboration with the local companies and domestic and overseas institutes. As the ancient Tatara realized coexistence with nature, NEXTA also aims to develop technologies and products that coexist with nature and are environmentally friendly, while pursuing the convenience and safety of people's lives. Furthermore, we will create an environment where students can learn both theory and practice related to metal materials, and aim to develop human resources who will become experts in advanced materials through world-class research.