Mechanical engineering practice at National Institute of Technology, Matsue College

公開日 2019.12.05


From 27 to 28 November, Shimane University students took mechanical engineering practical classes at Matsue College. The class is designed for the students who enroll in “Company Practical Internship B” and “Problem Based Learning 1” and the purpose is to learn the basic knowledge and methodologies for practical problem solving by carrying out engineering experiments in machining and material strength testing. It is also a part of the human resource development program in the project called “Creation of a Global Base for Advanced Metals-Next Generation TATARA Project-”, with credit transfer between Shimane Univ. and Matsue College.
Seven students from Shimane University participated in the classes and some of them commented that they were able to observe the actual moment that the metal was cut, which could not be experienced in their regular class and that would help them learn the processing methods and the materials better. Other credit-transferrable programs will be offered soon.