Professor Reed gave lectures at local high schools in Matsue

公開日 2019.07.23


Professor Roger Reed, University of Oxford, Director of Next Generation Tatara Co-creation Centre visited Shimane and gave lectures at the local high schools in Matsue City, Matsue-Minami, Matsue-Kita, and Matsue-Higashi High School on Thursday, 18th of July, 2019. Dr. Arakawa of Shimane University opened the class, introducing the Tatara Centre, and Professor Reed talked to the students all in English for about half an hour. He started with the intruduction of Univiersity of Oxford, and explained various aspects, such as the rerationship between Japan/Shimane and University of Oxford, the importance of metals and alloys, excellent strength and toughness of Japanese swords, multiple charactersitics of metals and alloys, etc, mixing expert knowledge with plain explanations. After his lecture, the students asked relevant, sometimes not related questions to the lecture directly, and all were answered nicely and thoroughly by Professor Reed. Professor Reed emphasized that it was significant for younger generations to enter the science and engineering field to change the world for the better future. The event was full of enthusiasm, and has definitely become an inspiring experience for the local students.

Special board prepared for the visit on the left, Professor Reed and students at Matsue-Minami High School

 Professor Reed answering student’s question at Matsue-Kita High School

Lecture at Matsue-Higashi High School