The 4th Waku-Waku (Exciting) Material Seminar

公開日 2021.09.27

On 7, July, 2021, we held the “Waku-Waku( exciting) Material Seminar” which was designated for the 1st year students who belong to the Interdisciplinary Faculty of Science and Engineering. The "waku-waku  material seminar" is intended to be a trial seminar of “Materials Science and Engineering Special Course” which newly opened in the Interdisciplinary Faculty of Science and Engineering this year.
For this 4th seminar, we organized a company visiting tour for the students. 8 students who are in 1st year of the Interdisciplinary Faculty of Science and Engineering participated in it and visited 2 companies in Matsue city.

First of all, Mr.Satao the director and manager of the sales department, and Mr.Shimada, also from the sales department explained the description of the business. They also offered a factory tour. They are offering a factory tour tool using VR for the countermeasure of COVID-19. The participants also visited an actual job site of thermal spraying. The participants reviewed that it was a valuable experience.

Mr.Yamamoto, the president explained the company outline and management philosophy, and he also showed us the factory. The participants visited a job site of processing some of the large-sized parts that were processed with the large-sized machine tool, or complex shaped parts that require accuracy. One of the participants was looked surprised and said “I didn’t know that there is such a company in local Matue!”

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