A Lecture session regarding SUSANOOs jet engine

公開日 2021.03.10


On the 5th of March, we had a lecture session regarding the manufacture of jet engines. The Speaker was Mr.Taisei FUJIWARA, who is in the second year of his master`s degree and has been learning under the guidance of Professor Junji Shinjo. The lecture session took place in a conference room at Hada Seikou Co., Ltd. Almost 30 people from the SUSANOO companies, Shimane University, Shimane, and Yasugi prefecture attended the lecture session.
The SUSANOO jet engine was simulated by professor Shinjo in 2018, then designed, parts processed and assembled by SUSANOO companies, then a prototype was finally completed. 
For the demonstration unit 1, as a part of the human resources project, was designed and assembled in the Shinjo research laboratory, and parts were processed by the SUSANOO companies. It is also supported by FOX Corporation in Kobe city. The test run is scheduled for April.

※SUSANOO=Group of companies in Shimane prefecture that have special steel processing technology as the core and strive to go into the aircraft industry. 
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